Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Is there anything better than the smell of a fresh cut Christmas Tree? Over the weekend we went to Dumas Christmas Tree Farm to cut ours down. While walking around the farm I decided to grab some tree branches lying on the ground to use for extra decor. I was able to create a simple diy Christmas centerpiece with my findings!

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Supplies for diy Christmas centerpiece

The beauty of this simple diy Christmas centerpiece is that you can personalize it! Before you head out to the store take a look at what extra Christmas decor you have to work with. For example, I already had pine cones and berries. You can use extra ornaments, ribbon, etc. I purchased the basket, hounds-tooth ribbon and dry foam bricks at Michaels.

How to build your centerpiece

As I mentioned before this centerpiece is very simple. It should not take more than thirty minutes to create.

  • First lay all of your supplies out.
  • Second trim all of your branches to your desired height.
  • Third place your foam bricks into your basket.
  • Fourth begin to insert your branches into the foam bricks. Be sure to press them firmly down so they do not pop out.
  • Fifth start to add your accents to your greenery (i.e. pine cones, berries, garland, etc.).
  • Sixth trim height of branches if needed.
  • Finally, add ribbon to your basket for an extra pop of color.

I hope you enjoy your new centerpiece! You can even add it to a mantle or front porch. Please share your diy Christmas centerpieces on our Facebook page!

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