Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder

We have been busy improving our apartment with several DIY projects. My favorite project so far is our farmhouse DIY blanket ladder.

I love decorating our apartment, but it can be difficult with a rental. There are eye sores that we cannot remove. One in particular is our built in ac unit.

AC Unit

How can I cover the unit while not using it? A DIY blanket ladder!

There are many blanket ladders for purchase, but I find them to be overpriced. As a result, I decided to create a DIY farmhouse blanket ladder.

Home Depot has pre-stained 2×8’s in four colors. The options are grey, white, natural wood and walnut. We picked grey and white.

In addition to great color options the 2×8’s are only $6.99! Yes, you’re reading that right.

Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder
Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder
Can barely see staples used.

Now lets jump into making your DIY blanket ladder. I promise it’s so easy!

Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder Supplies

  1. Two 2×8’s in your color(s) of choice.
  2. One saw.
  3. Staple gun.

Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder Directions

  1. Measure and cut the first 2×8 based on desired height of rails.
  2. Measure and cut the second 2×8 based on desired width for rungs.
  3. Mark the interior of each rail where the rungs will be placed.
  4. Angle each rung and secure with staple gun.
  5. Now decorate and enjoy your DIY blanket ladder!

Okay, how much better does this wall look now? No more ac unit eye sore.

Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder
Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder

Not only can you add a blanket to your ladder, but decor too. I chalk painted a frame thrift find and added our wedding photos. I also incorporated eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s.

thrift DIYFarmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder

Additionally, you can decorate for each season too. I’m already thinking about St. Patricks day and spring.

Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder

Share your DIY blanket ladders with me through social media or e-mail. I would love to see your projects! Cheers!


Farmhouse DIY Blanket Ladder

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