DIY Wedding Centerpieces Under $15

Do you want to create unique centerpieces for your wedding, but have a strict budget? Let me show you 5 DIY wedding centerpieces that are under $15.

Each centerpiece is fitting for an indoor or outdoor wedding. Additionally, they can be used during each season too.


Trader Joe’s Flowers for DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Flowers cost a lot of money, especially on the big day. If you are creative take advantage of making your centerpieces.

You can special order flowers at Trader Joe’s. The cost and quality of their flowers is great! I would also ask if you can receive a discount for bulk orders.

Flower Options

  1. Dozen white roses $6.99.
  2. Three dozen spray roses $4.99.
  3. Bunch of seeded eucalytpus $2.99.
DIY wedding flowers
DIY wedding flowers
DIY wedding flowers

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Supplies

There are many craft and thrift stores to shop at for your wedding. Check out Savers, Michael’s Stores and JOANN Fabrics.

Savers is a fantastic thrift store. They have a variety of donated items that can be utilized for a wedding.

I recommend taking a look at the candle and vase options. Also, check out the photo frames to hold your table numbers.

Savers Wedding Centerpiece Supplies

  1. Mason jars $1.00 each.
  2. Antique style glassware $1.49 each.
  3. Antique teapot $4.99.
  4. Book $2.49 each.

JOANN Fabrics & Amazon

  1. Wooden box $6.49.
  2. Wood garland $6.20.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

These inexpensive wedding centerpieces will not only stand out on your wedding tables, but to your guests too!

Antique Glass Inspired DIY Wedding Centerpiece

In my opinion, there is something so elegant about vintage inspired centerpieces. Include bottles with different heights and textures.

Add mercury glass votive candles for extra detail!

DIY wedding centerpieces
DIY wedding centerpieces

Milk Glass DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Milk glass is once again popular. My local Savers always has a ton of options to choose from.

Ask your family members if they have milk glass. Chances are they have some packed away!

For example, my grandmother has multiple milk glass vases in the basement.

DIY wedding centerpieces
DIY wedding centerpieces

Antique Teapot DIY Wedding Centerpiece

In addition to using vintage items, try incorporating antiques! I was thrilled to find this silver-plated antique teapot at Savers for only $4.99.

Create a unique base. Rip off the covers of old books for the teapot to sit on.

DIY wedding centerpiece
DIY wedding centerpiece
DIY wedding centerpiece

Mason Jar DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Rustic themed weddings are still very popular. With that being said, you cannot go wrong with mason jars!

Again, play around with height. Add twine and wood garland for extra detail.

DIY wedding centerpiece
DIY wedding centerpiece

Wood Box DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Get creative with the wood box. Use chalk paint to create a more rustic and antique look. You can also stencil the outside for detail and texture.

DIY wedding centerpiece
DIY wedding centerpiece

Go create!

Now that you have inspiration, go create your DIY wedding centerpiece! Remember to be as inventive as you wish. Add details to showcase your personal style.

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