DIY Home Sign With Wreath

Do you enjoy DIY projects? If so, you’re in the right place! This DIY home sign with wreath is quick and inexpensive to make.

DIY Home with wreath sign

Since moving into our apartment I’ve been slowly adding rustic decor to areas in our rental. The entryway wall was my most recent project.

I wanted to add additional rustic charm to the entryway wall, so I headed over to one of my favorite stores, Michaels Arts & Crafts.

Michaels has awesome inexpensive decor for your home. Also, you cannot beat their weekly sales and coupons! With that being said, I was able to use a 40% off a full price item coupon and 20% off your entire purchase.

In addition to great pricing, Michaels DIY section has really improved over the last year. There are so many unfinished woods options for DIY projects.

I had the DIY home sign with wreath in mind for a while. I couldn’t wait to create it!

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Supplies for DIY home sign with wreath

  1. Unfinished letters H, M and E.
  2. Small wreath. Here is one similar to mine.
  3. Chalk paint and paint brush.
  4. Sand paper.
  5. Command strips.
chalk paint

Directions for DIY home sign with wreath

  1. Cover work area with newspaper.
  2. Stir chalk paint well to avoid sediment sitting on bottom of bottle.
  3. Paint each letter with chalk paint and let sit for 10 minutes. Then apply a second coat.
  4. Once paint dries, sand down each letter for rustic look. Be sure to vary the areas and edges you sand down.
  5. Apply a command strip to the back of each letter and to each section of the wall.
  6. Hang letters and enjoy your new DIY project!
DIY Home with wreath sign

The DIY home sign with wreath is a perfect addition to welcome guests in your entryway. Also, I love the simple rustic character it adds to your home!


DIY Home with wreath sign

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