Trader Joe’s Haul & Meal Ideas

When I moved to Massachusetts five years ago I was unfamiliar with Trader Joe’s. Now I am obsessed! I want to share my Trader Joe’s haul with you, so you can jump on the bandwagon too!

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I mainly purchase all of our weekly groceries at Trader Joe’s. Don’t even get me started on their cheese section. It’s amazing! Our cat has even become addicted to the Trader Joe’s cat tuna. He cries for it every morning!

Trader Joe's Cheese
Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s Haul

Trader Joe's Haul
Trader Joe's Haul

This past week my husband and I were fighting a cold, so we didn’t have as large of a haul like most weeks. However, we do have a few meals that are weekly favorites that I’m anxious to share with you!


When I have the time, I like to make a healthy, filling breakfast. Our new favorite is an avocado tartine.

Avocado Tartine

avocado tartine
avocado tartine


  1. Toast two pieces of Trader Joe’s sour dough bread.
  2. Poach two eggs.
  3. Mash an avocado and spread on top of toasted sour dough bread.
  4. Sprinkle Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning on top of the avocado.
  5. Mix Trader Joe’s organic arugula in a small bowl with fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  6. Garnish the sour dough and avocado toast with arugula.
  7. Place poached eggs on top of each piece of toast.
  8. Enjoy!



Lord help me, I have zero self control when it comes to macaroons. A new regular item in my Trader Joe’s haul is a box of one dozen macaroons. You can’t beat the price for $4.99!

Trader Joe’s has the best Mediterranean hummus. My husband and I love snacking on this with carrots while we cook dinner at night.

This week was my first time purchasing the blondie bar mix. Moving forward this mix will be part of our weekly Trader Joe’s haul. Who can deny a chocolate chip cookie that’s also similar to a brownie????


We like to make dinners during the work week that are not time consuming and are tasty leftovers!

I usually purchase Alaskan salmon, however, Trader Joe’s sells Norwegian salmon and it is some of the best I’ve ever had! With that being said, the Asian vegetable stir fry is one of our favorite Trader Joe’s items. We love to to put their salmon over the Asian vegetable stir fry.

Salmon & Asian Stir Fry

trader joe's salmon
Trader Joe's asian stir fry
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and place salmon on making sheet.
  2. Cut half a lemon into small slices and place across salmon, garnish with fresh dill, salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Bake salmon for 25 – 30 minutes or until it flakes with a fork.
  4. While salmon is baking place Asian stir fry in large pan with tablespoon of olive oil.
  5. Cook until vegetables soften, but still have a crunch. Add in fresh sesame seeds.
  6. Plate salmon over vegetables.
  7. Enjoy!

Check out my penne all vodka recipe for more dinner ideas!

I hope you enjoy our Trader Joe’s meal ideas! Check back next few week for our favorite Trader Joe’s items.



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5 thoughts

  1. I need to make that avocado tartine and salmon!! Those macarons sound delish!! So fun doing this with you, XO!

  2. Wow! These ideas are all so wonderful, thank you so much for sharing them. We will absolutely enjoy each of your ideas. It is such a joy to be on this hop with you my friend. xoxo- Brendt

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend the Avocado Tartine! I’m so glad Lindsay coordinated this and connected me with all of you wonderful ladies 🙂

  3. Have you tried the TJ’s Unexpected Cheddar cheese? It’s my all time favorite – a perfect cross between cheddar and Parmesan. I can eat an entire block in one sitting with no crackers!!! It is so good!

    1. Oh my!!!!! I have not had the Unexpected Cheddar, but I have to do a grocery run tomorrow and that is absolutely on the list now haha. I could live off of cheese and bread the rest of my life 🙂

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